Wakeful, the Squad

Yge 'Snuk' Leenheer - Vocals
Almar van Kesteren - Guitar
Marc v/d Meulen - Guitar
Cody Vledder - Bass & Vocals
Focko Steunebrink - Drums

Confirmed by various reviewers, wakeful is a band about Harmony, Twin-solo's and song structure, accompanied with a very brutal voice.
Yet it is performing when the band really stands out. So stop reading, start listening, and see you on stage.
Danny Hansma (Roadie & Drumtech)

Jouke Grit || nov 2009 t/m april 2012
Ronald 'Donkie' Mouse || feb 2009 t/m feb 2011 (bass)
Ingmar Plantenga || mei 2007 t/m okt 2009 (drums)
Ferdi Wielstra || mei 2007 t/m dec 2008 (bass)